Carmen Daneshmandi is a photographer, videographer & visual artist currently based in Zaragoza by way of New York and Seattle but also by way of Spain and Iran because that is her makeup. Driven by the texture of identity and the cultural backbone that holds you, her work spans to celebrate and carve out space and visual capital for people of color and the pulse of their evolving narratives across audio-visual vignettes, disrupted portraiture, and mixed media collage.

Bringing together images that curiously react to one another, she uses collage as a poetic, informational, and cathartic space from which to infuse the possibility of empowerment and self-preservation with fantasy. As she questions these current representations, she uses powerful juxtapositions, identity through found object, mental health, and abstractions of personal history to guide her. Working on personal and commissioned projects. Available worldwide.

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The New Yorker


Esperanza Spalding

L'Officiel Italia

Fool's Gold Records

The Standard

British GQ


Penguin Books


Dolce Vita Shoes

Gold Coast Trading Company



2018 - Carmen Daneshmandi & Lisa Case: Dual Collage Show, Cloud City, Brooklyn, NY

2018 - Before We Were Banned, ArtHelix, Brooklyn, NY

2016 - Featured in The Best Photographs FADER Took This Year

2016 - Featured in PDN's Emerging Photographer Winter 2016

2016 - Mano Marketta Pop Up, Brooklyn, NY

2016 - Game Recognize Game, Seattle, WA

2016 - Nominated for PDN's 30: New & Emerging Photographers To Watch

2014 - Notions of Beauty: NW Fashion Photography Now, Portland, OR

2014 - UNTITLED WOMAN, Seattle, WA