I am a Spanish-Iranian photographer, videographer & visual artist. Driven by that texture of identity, culture, and upbringing, my work combines portraiture and storytelling and disrupts it with a sensibility of color, playfulness, and mixed media. Using collage, object, personal history, and words, I look to thoughtfully create a poetic, informed, and cathartic space from which to better understand my place in the world and to infuse my subjects with the possibility of their own empowerment and self-preservation with fantasy. My work spans the arenas of editorial, video, music, fine art, fashion, and reportage. Working on personal and commissioned projects. Currently based in Spain. Available worldwide.

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2018 - Carmen Daneshmandi & Lisa Case: Dual Collage Show, Cloud City, Brooklyn, NY

2018 - Before We Were Banned, ArtHelix, Brooklyn, NY

2016 - Featured in The Best Photographs FADER Took This Year

2016 - Featured in PDN's Emerging Photographer Winter 2016

2016 - Mano Marketta Pop Up, Brooklyn, NY

2016 - Game Recognize Game, Seattle, WA

2016 - Nominated for PDN's 30: New & Emerging Photographers To Watch

2014 - Notions of Beauty: NW Fashion Photography Now, Portland, OR

2014 - UNTITLED WOMAN, Seattle, WA